Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Easter Sunday what a feast! I am so grateful for my family. We love each other and enjoy being together too.  I love that my children though grown and married live right here with in 15 min. from us and we can celebrate holidays like Easter together.

As our daughter in law was walking toward the chairs my daughter yelled "BABY BUMP - I SEE IT!!"  Oh yes there sure was too! We are finally seeing real signs of that first grandbaby.  I think for mothers day I am going to buy her a couple of maternity tops. 

I am still just beside my self. I contain it when the kids are around so I don't drive them crazy But the Granddaddy and I secretively are going nuts!! We have all kinds of plans for our little cookies. Oh we have plans for trips, and all kinds of memory making ideas!

Oh little Macaroon Grandmommy  already loves you so much!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Boy? Girl?

I bought some really cute onsies for the baby Saturday! One says I'm New Around Here!  Ha, love it. I also bought socks. Lets see if I picked the right kind....

Sunday we had a wonderful time having everyone over. I cooked a huge meal and we ate until we could no more! I was hoping Kevin and Lauren would have news for us. BOY? GIRL? BOY? GIRL? I am just about to bust!!! Lauren had been to the Dr. but the did not have another ultra sound yet. : ( boooo. Her tummy is starting to form. Bless her heart she still gets sick at different times through out the day. I think she may be one who has to deal with this the whole 9 month. Ug!