Friday, August 3, 2012

Just say NO to carrots

Today Grandpa and I had our little baby B all day! I can't believe my camera is broken, well only somewhat broken, it took the pictures, but won't upload them to the computer... humm. We went to the park and had the best time. Today's favorite toy was a bunch of straws. We would blow threw them and laugh. Put them together and make really long snakes. Drum with them and even use them for swords.

 Today's most un favorite carrots!! No way no how. Mommy said B had them just two nights ago and loved them. Well let me tell you that was two nights ago and things have changed. I am just so very thankful they are not in the strained fashion and are cubed. He threw them, he dumped them, and he spit them. So as any good Grandma would do, I told him he didn't have to have eat them.

After a messy dinner we played in the bath water. Never in my life, and I have raised children, been a Nanny for children, and watched many other children in my many years, never, ever have I seen a child who could get a bathroom wet like this one! For a 10 month old he splashes like a pit bull found a cat under the water!

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  1. Just found you through your other blog. I "borrowed" one of your vintage photos--which is how I found that blog. (A tangled web, I weave.) How exciting with your grandbaby! I feel, that will be the next chapter in my life--hopefully a few years' away, tho. I've been recently made an empty nester! Ugh!